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Bringing Hair Dreams to Life

welcome to lala amore beauty

LaLa Amore Beauty provide a luxury experience with excellence, while being meticulously attentive to every client’s hair care journey and educating clients to sustain the same care they receive in the salon at home. We empower women and cultivates meaningful relationship through refinement of how each customer looks and feels after being touched by gifted hands.


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Uplifting women, young and seasoned, through the enhancement of their outer appearance. 

Providing services with excellence, while being meticulously attentive to every client's hair care journey, and educating clients to sustain the same care they receive at home.

We are proud to carry our very own line of high-quality hair extensions which are used at LaLa Amore Beauty and other clients from peer salons.

We offer a wide variety of textures and colors to meet the needs of all cultures. We service ALL hair types. 

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Tia did a beautiful job with my bridal trial makeup. She went above and beyond the picture I thought I wanted for my wedding day! She gave me that bold and sexy look I’ve been looking for!! I definitely can’t wait to see my look she creates for my wedding day for myself and my bridal squad! 

melissa w.

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hair & skin expertise

Lala Amore is truly a wonderful one stop shop. Tia and her team will make sure that everything is done beyond your expectations. They will also make sure that you are taught what is the best for your hair and skin. I never question her about the choices she makes with my hair. If you choose Lala Amore you have made the right choice!!!

shamila b.

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Tia Nicole came into my life when my hair was thin, brittle, falling out by the clumps, dried and lifeless. I was reintroduced to #microlinks and I am officially hooked! She started me on a strengthening and growth regimen that focuses on rebuilding the areas of breakage thus pouring love, protein and vitamins back into my mane.


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